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Q - What is the difference between Semi-Custom and Full-Custom
A - We get asked this question quite often! Does changing the colors make it full custom? What does Semi-Custom include? Here is the difference:

    -Semi Custom = a Semi-custom kit is a set of graphics where the base design/template is pre-made. With a semi-custom kit, you can still customize colorways, your logo placement, and add your name and number. These elemenets do not make the graphics "Full-Custom"

   -Full Custom = This is when we completely start from scratch. Everything from the design to the colors are taylor made to your liking! We do offer full-custom work, however we require that you as a customer give us at least a starting point, or an idea of how you want the bike to look. If you want a factory, clean looking kit, or something crazy! Maybe you like zebra print, maybe you like digi-camo. We can accomodate most requests, we just ask that you don't tell us "Well, i don't know what i want, i just want something new and cool".




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