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Q - What is the difference between Semi-Custom and Full-Custom
A - We get asked this question quite often! Does changing the colors make it full custom? What does Semi-Custom include? Here is the difference:

    -Semi Custom = a Semi-custom kit is a set of graphics where the base design/template is pre-made. With a semi-custom kit, you can still customize colorways, your logo placement, and add your name and number. These elemenets do not make the graphics "Full-Custom"

   -Full Custom = This is when we completely start from scratch. Everything from the design to the colors are taylor made to your liking! We do offer full-custom work, however we require that you as a customer give us at least a starting point, or an idea of how you want the bike to look. If you want a factory, clean looking kit, or something crazy! Maybe you like zebra print, maybe you like digi-camo. We can accomodate most requests, we just ask that you don't tell us "Well, i don't know what i want, i just want something new and cool".
Q - When will I be charged for my order?
A- If you are ordering graphics online, your card will be charged after check-out. If you place your order over the phone, your card will be charged after we send an email proof of the order.
Q - Will you design my graphics before i order them, so I can see if I like them first?
A - No. We only design and proof orders that have already been placed. If there is something you want changed about the graphics, (ie: mispellings, changed color or logo placement) they can be revised to your liking. We will not print your graphics until they approved by you via email.
Q - I received an email proof of my graphics, what do I do next?
A - If you received your proof of your graphics, and everything looks good, please respond to the email proof to approve the graphics for printing! If there is something you would like changed, either respond to the email or give us a call and we can make any revisions to your order. Note - We will NOT print anything until the graphics are approved by the customer.
Q - What changes can I make once I have received an email proof?
A - Each order includes up to 2 email proofs! An original proof of the order and (If necessary) 1 round of changes and/or revisions that may be needed to complete the order. Anything beyond that is subject to a design/set up fee. Also, if changes to the design are being made beyond that of color combinations, a design/set up may also be applied.
Q - Can I cancel my order?
A- Orders on graphics may be cancelled prior to receiving an email proof. Once you have received the proof, you may cancel and will be refunded all but $25 as a setup fee. Once the proof of the graphics have been approved, we will not except any cancellation of orders.
Q - What logos can I use on my graphics?
A - We offer all standard industry logos. If you have artwork for a personal logo or non-industry company you would like on your graphics, please email the artwork to with your order number. Artwork must be in vector format (Ai, eps, or pdf files). Any non-industry logo/text without artwork will be used as text, but will match the overall look of the graphics kit.
Q - Will you copy another company's design/artwork?
A - No.


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